About Us

It all began many years ago with great admiration for modern trawler yachts, designed for wonderful long-distance travels. Safety and convenience the key words for the class.

The idea of the best combination of a very practical yacht with excellent taste has been growing in our heads for years. We exactly know how the future yacht should look like, and functions   are for us the most important.  We also know how to make it to be elegant, modern but also strong and useful at the same time. Finally, when we sat down with the naval architect and designer, we were extremely sure what we want to achieve.

Fortunately, we managed to meet people who understood our ideas and effectively used their knowledge and extensive experience while working on the project of the first unit. Very quickly, we involved more specialists, a mechanical engineer, system’s specialist, and interior designer. Structure for the yacht was designed by highly experienced team from the UK.

At the same time, we organized a place where we could implement our projects. From the very beginning we decide that we will take almost every step in our own yard to control every stage of production. Now we have a yard in a great location of the Port of Gdansk with a very professionally equipped fiberglass station, paint shop, carpentry shop, and a mechanical devices. But most importantly we gather the  very competent crew of meticulous craftsmen, who enthusiastically work every day to build the  decent  yacht.