MH.1 Stainless steel finishing gallantry elements
All elements made of 316L stainless steel were made only for our shipyard and cannot be found on other yachts. The vast majority was made on CNC machine tools. Their refinement increases the aesthetic value of the entire yacht, making it even more tasteful.
at the customer's request, there is a possibility of different finishing of the elements. Like e.g. varnishing or gold plating.
MH.2 Bow fitings Standard
MH.3 Extraordinary frames for portlights with stringers Standard
MH.4 Main Air intake to engine room, are on the inside of the half deck. Finishing in SS Standard
MH.5 Cleats and capstan on aftdeck under cover Standard
MH.6 Cleats on admship and bow Standard
MH.7 SS Frames for Cover Locker Standard
MH.8 Handrelings 32mm, 1 1/4" diameter Standard
MH.11 Shower on swimming platform, one inside the garage from garage getway, second shower pulled out of the wall by the steps Standard
MH.12 12 points in board for high pressure water pump sprinkler system. The washing water is taken from the freshwater tanks (maindeck and fly deck) Standard
MH.13 Washer valves for anchor and deck washing. Under portside anchor zone cover are valves for select water distribution. 1.Deck pionts system, 2. water points with hose, undercover, 3. washer valves for anchor. Standard
MH.14 Main antenna mast type 1 with base - composite with SS steel,
finish in the color of the hull or of the superstructures
MH.17 Flag mast, finishing in Iroko or Teak wood 3 times oiled and polished, mahogany wood high gloos Stoppani laquer 16 layers, SS steel Standard
MH.18 Relaxation area on the fore deck
the scope of equipment includes:
Foldable sun shade made of breathable material.
Two independent mattresses with folding headrests.
Large sofa, table
Glass holders
Independent sound system with adjustable sound intensity and connection to a smartphone.
Large compartments where you can hide mattresses and a few other things.
MH.19 Sunshade Aft, fly deck
Manually foldable sunshade
MH.20 Gangway
gangway ladder, retractable 500mm beyond the stern of the yacht, 22 ° up and down inclination. Hidden in the 2nd step on the starboard side. Typical solution, but takes up a useful space in the garage. An alternative offer is "Automatic Beach stepladder" from Opacmare
Specyfication for Gangway 1033/41 opacmare brand:
Build in Stainless steel AISI 316L high gloss polished, Length extented
4.10mm, Automatic stanchions on port side, Teak grating, Loading
capacity: passenger's boarding only, Folded in a box with watertight
inferior panel, removable for inspection, Box dimensions 2.660 x 550 x
H195mm, Manual emergency kit, Hydraulic unit 24VDC, Electronic unit,
1 remote control, digital control panel, Fixing brackets at shipyard's care,
MH.21 Fully automized stern boarding passerelle-stepladder, alternate solution for gangway
Fully automatic aft boarding ladder, alternative to the gangway. Two-functional stairs located under the swimming platform provide a very safe and comfortable entry both to the water and the quay.
Specyfication for 3622E Bech stepladder from Opacmare brand:
Structured in polished AISI 316 stainless steel with either four or six auto-aligning steps, can be inclined up to 40° both upwards and downwards and features a special 350 mm hinged trolley system which allows for inclined extension thus avoiding possible obstacles and facilitating access to the quay.
MH.22 Swimming stepladder - manual
Opacmare 3234 model
Particularly lightweight and compact retractable swim ladder in highly polished AISI 316 stainless steel with four steps in TEAK. Supplied with supporting flange for fixing to the boat and a handle on the first step for ease of movement.
For safety reasons, this type of ladder is mandatory.
For safety reasons the ladder is light and unfolded by hand.
MH.23 Swimming plaform
Finished in Teak or Iroko Wood 4 layers oiled and polished.
Swimming platform is on outside finished thin stainless-steel frame.
MH.25 Door to Engine Room from starge space. Watertight door1800x700 BOHAMET Brand. Finishing in crew cabin colour. Standard
MH.27 Windshield wipers from Exalto dual arm, multi speed , with window wash system finished in SS steel, The 50L tank for the washing liquid is located in the pantry / technical part under the galley. The tank is filled by an additional valve with fresh water next to the tank. Ready-made glass cleaner or concentrate can be used. Standard
MH.28 Navigation lights
Hella Marine brand system:
3 NM NaviLED PRO Starboard Navigation Lamp + NaviLED PRO Deck Mount Adaptor - Finished in White
3 NM NaviLED PRO Port Navigation Lamp + NaviLED PRO Deck Mount Adaptor - Finished in White
2 NM NaviLED 360 Compact All Round White Navigation Lamps - Finished in White
MH.29 Docking Lights
On the Bow. Two large LED lights from hella professional series, 5000K, 6000 Lumens/each 70° wide spectrum. Flush mounted in custom made housing, finishing in SS steel.
On the Stern. Two flush mount in fly deck (port and starboard side), Hella marine Sea-Hawk-R LED, 5000K, 550 lumens (White)/each (176x50mm). Finished in colour steps.
MH.30 Serchlights Static - Two high beam static in the bow in the same place what bow docking lights, is not replacment but next to docking lights. LED lights from Hella professional series, 5000K, 6000 Lumens/each 30° wide spectrum with above 200m range Standard
MH.31 Serchlights Rotating - Jabsco Remote controlled searchlight with auto sweep mode - 60010 Series, 255SL remote control 24 volt dc, Halogen type, mounted on the base below 2nd radar antenna. Finished in roof colour and other navigation instruments on the antenna mast.
Horizontal movement: 360°
Vertical movement: 60°
Two high output sealed beam bulbs
Output: 10 lux @ 100 m
Range @ 1 lux: 315 m
MH.32 Hand lights - (3) three, One in helm station below capitan chair, One in Engine Room next to door, One in garage on the port wall. Philips RCH20 with docking station. Resistant to chemicals and workshop solventsAs well as resisting knocks, the inspection lamp cases are resistant to water, chemicals and workshop solvents.360° versatile clipping and magnet hookThe adjustable, retractable, multi-angle hook allows you to hang this professional lighting tool on any surface, leaving both your hands free for the job.
High-power LED light up to 200 lumens
MH.33 OceanLED underwater lighting. Top-quality, effective and brightly shining Explore E6 underwater lamps. The backlight color can be selected, the device works in RGB technology. The lamps can be operated on the touch panel in the wheelhouse or via a smartphone. This range of equipment includes two underwater lamps mounted on the transom of the yacht.
Lumens (Dual Colour) 19,000
Lumens (Colours DMX) 10,000
Fixture Lumens (Dual Colour) 11,000*
Fixture Lumens (Colours DMX) 6,000*
Colours DMX Current / Amp draw (12V DC / 24V DC) 6.8A / 3.2A
Colours DMX Current / Amp draw (110V AC / 230V AC) 830mA / 400mA
MH.34 OceanLED underwater lighting. Each (One-1) subsequent lamp for the OceanLED Explore E6 RGB set 4100
MH.35 Deck light (portside rope locker)- 2JA 958 123-501+ 8HG 958 000-011, 283x25mm Standard
MH.36 Deck light (starboard side forpick cover) - 2JA 958 123-501 + 8HG 958 000-011, 283x25mm Standard
MH.37 Deck light (Bow garage locker if fitted) -on the cover 2JA 958 123-501 + 8HG 958 000-011 + on the right wall anchor locker DuraLED 50LP Wide Spread - White 2JA 980 629-501, 222x96mm Standard
MH.38 Deck light (Forpic) - on the ceilling Two (2) DuraLED 50LP Wide Spread - White 2JA 980 629-501 + switch on the wall next to ladder upper steps, 222x96mm Standard
MH.39 Deck light (stern/portside cleats locker) -on the wall DuraLED 50LP Wide Spread - White 2JA 980 629-501, 222x96mm Standard
MH.40 Deck light (stern/starboard side cleats locker) -on the wall DuraLED 50LP Wide Spread - White 2JA 980 629-501, 222x96mm Standard
MH.41 Deck light (filler diesel cover) White LED DuraLED 12 Lamp with switch, 140x65mm Standard
MH.42 Deck light (deck and half decks lighting) 30 pcs. around the Yacht. Warm White LED Oblong Step Lamp Hella marine 2JA 958 126-431 finished in SS steel, 45x31x9mm Standard
MH.43 Deck light (under roof aft deck 4pcs) Warm White EuroLED 150 - 150mm diametr from Hella marine Standard
MH.44 Deck light (under roof on the bow 2pcs) EuroLED 75 - 75mm diametr from Hella marine Standard
MH.45 Deck light (on the fore deck relax space) Two Aurora pop-up lights. 61diametr, 220mm high after turn up. Standard
MH.46 Air horn.Kahlenberg K-380 Complete Marine Air Horn Chrome finishing, mounted on roof. Controlled throught Boning Horn system. More information about control in Navigation Audio Video part. Standard
MH.47 Shekel above waterline central on bow, e.g. for dinghy, etc. Standard
MH.48 Forepeak. In the forepeak there is a place for a chain locker, deck cleaning equipment, space for storing garbage, and a place for installing a compactor. Access is provided by a comfortable ladder with large steps. The inner surface of the laminate is finished with a white gelcoat. Finishing elements are made of Iroko wood, oiled 3 times and polished. Standard
MH.49 Trash compactor GE brand 1.4 cu. ft. capacity Dimensions: 35 H x 14 7/8 W x 24 D[inch] / 40 litres, 87x40x60cm 1480
MH.50 Windless & capestan SET:
Windless Maxwell 3500 VWCLP Hydraulic. chain 13mm
Dash control panel and counter P102944
Wireless pilot with counter display P102981 - set
Chain SS 13mm DIN766 - 100m
Windlass base with anchor rail SS steel
Anchor SS Delta Lewmar 63kg 138lbs
The Delta ™ Anchor is at the forefront of innovative anchor systems engineering. The highest quality stainless steel used in the construction of the Delta ™ anchor gives it maximum tensile strength. Thanks to the unique profile of the shaft and the loaded heel, it is a self-throwing anchor.

Because the windlass is under the cover, an additional capestan has been installed to easy docking. This solution does not require opening the windlass cover.
Bow Capstan 1000VC Hydraulic Maxwell
Foot switch - SS

On the stern
Capstan 1000VC Hydraulic Maxwell
Foot switch - SS
Capstan 1000VC Hydraulic Maxwell
Foot switch - SS

MH.51 Mantus Stainless Steel Anchor - 80kg 175 lbs.
Formed out of high quality steel plate. Contains no cast parts.
Shank and shank boot are welded from top and bottom.
Shank and roll bar are bolted to the fluke.
ASTM certified steel bolts are oversized with a large margin to ensure safety.
Although the shank is attached to the fluke with 4 bolts, a single bolt has sufficient strength to handle the maximum expected load on the anchor.
Stainless Steel anchors are made of 316L Stainless and hand polished to a # 7 finish.
Sharp-headed nose is precision machined to achieve the perfect chisel shape to achieve maximum penetrating power.
Mantus Anchors offers a lifetime warranty on its anchors.
Tender and Toys Garage/locker on the BOW
Dimension data:
The entrance hole with dimensions - W 2700mm x L 3700mm
Maximum height from floor to ceiling - 1100mm
The minimum height from floor to ceiling is 950mm
The maximum length of the tenderer is 3850mm,
Maximum garage width 3000mm.
On the floor there is stand for the jetski and the tender
Hydraulic davit from opacmare up to 400kg

Tender and Toys on the fly deck
Dimension data:
The maximum length of the tenderer is 4950mm,
Maximum width 2500mm.
On the floor there is stand for the jetski and the tender
Hydraulic davit from opacmare up to 400kg

Regardless of whether you are transporting a Jetski or a tender , there will always be room for additional kayaks and SUP. Additional you have also place for the largest Jetski. Stern locker is also place for a handy tool cabinet. Useful brackets and shelves in Iroko wood Supports for fishing rods. The compartment to store other items such as consumables for long voyages (engine oil, etc). In the stern locker you will find compressed air outlets. Sockets with a scuba diving compressor 2 lamps recessed into the ceiling.
On the fly are 10 points for storming the equipment in the floor and walls. Wall and ceiling finish - gelcoat in a color two shades darker than the deck Floor finish - Iroko wood slats 3 times oiled and polished, slats 15mm thick and 10mm spaced for quick water drainage.
MH.53 Air compressor ATLAS COPCO AC 21 E 100 M (Tank 100L 1,5kW, 1,8l/s 10Bar). Located under floor garage with easy maintance revision cover. Standard
MH.54 Scuba Diving Compressor - DIVE MATE DMT08-E1/E3 - Mounted in Engine Room
SCFM 8.4, 238 l/min 5000 PSIG (345 BAR)
Interstage pressure gauges (locally mounted, 3-stage)
CO/Moisture indicator (5000 psig service only)
Purification upgrade (PO to P31)
Purification upgrade (P31 to P41)
Electric start package (includes pressure switch, high temperature switch) DMT-08/GS or DMT-08/DY
Riser feet for in-house application (electric drive only)
Automatic condensate drain (electric drive or engine drive with electric start) - 3-stage (DMT-06 and DMT-08)

Hydraulic power pack for servicing thrusters and anchor devices. Equipped with a tank with a water cooler.
The feeder pumps were installed on the main propulsion engines. Their parameters were selected so as to ensure optimal efficiency at engine idle speed.
MH.56 GAS Tank for Jetski or dinghy - Scepter Flo 'n Go Duramax Portable Fuel Tank and Pump 53L 450
Deck - Wooden decks - Foredeck, Aft deck, Swimming platform, steps
Deck and half deck trim with wood as standard, the deck is finished with Iroko wood, which is oiled 4 times and polished.
In the specification you can read many times that we are happy to use Iroko wood. However, the sugested solution does not result from the economical use of TEAK, which is by far the most common material for finishing planks. The share of sawn timber in the finished product does not exceed 10-15% of the price of the entire product so the type of wood does not affect the cost of making the decks.
We willingly choose Iroko wood because it also contains a lot of natural oil, and at the same time ages nicer. It doesn't get gray and ugly like TEAK.
At the customer's request, we will replace each sugested element from IROKO to TEAK without changing the price.

Standard Version - Finished in Iroko Wood with black caulking. 4 layers oiled and polished.
Standard Version - Finished in TEAK Wood with bleck caulking. 2 layers oiled and polished. Standard