General information
All furniture is made of 15mm and 18mm veneered plywood according to the needs and design. All decorative strips are made of thick solid wood.
All furniture fittings are from Blum and Hetich.
The laundry cabinets are equipped with additional lighting that is automatically lits inside.

The doors to the cabins and bathrooms are made of 1"- 2.54 cm thick wood and solid wood, and are equipped with hidden hinges.
The door is equipped with magnetic catches.
Shutter doors, if present, are made of solid drainage.
The interiors of the cabinets are painted to the same standard as their external parts.

The drawers have a frame and a veneered plywood bottom. Varnished to the same standard as the front parts of the furniture.
In the finishing and varnishing process we use some of the best Hessa-Lignal varnishes in the world.
As the only one for technological reasons. Metallic lacquered panels are made of waterproof MDF boards. Metallic finish varnish from Stoppani guarantees the highest possible quality.
We do not use cheap, artificial materials. Our structures are made of the highest quality and natural materials.
The veneers on the panels and furniture are matched and selected.

Upholstered panels are made of plywood, solid wood and protected with 3-layer varnish before veneering.
The materials we use come from the best suppliers in Europe
Leather upholstery is made of natural leather.
The panels are soft and pleasant to touch thanks to fabrics and multi-layer foams.

All upholstery panels are mounted using the Fastmount® system

The bulkhead and partition walls are 70mm thick, 27.55" thick. They are acoustically insulated on both sides.
The decks are lined with acoustic insulation.
All contradictions were moved as far away from sleeping places as possible. Transfer sewage pumps have been selected of a quiet type and additionally insulated with rubber mats.

Stairs, steps, construction made of plywood, covered with solid wood or fitted with a lining according to the arrangement.

Portlights equipped with microswitches with opening information in helmstation.

The curtain that covers the windows in the living room stretches the fabric, the curtain runs along an automatic rail around the cabin.
The blinds covering the hatchets, portlights and the glass roof in the living room come from the DOMETIC company. In the showroom, the shutters are operated automatically. The shutter covering the skylight in the VIP cabin is electrically operated. All other blinds, if it does not affect the comfort of use, are operated manually.
At the customer's request, all shutters can be operated electrically.
All louvres are dual-function.

Basic interior lighting from PREBIT LIGHTING
Ceiling lights, bedside lamps, and reading lamps in each cabin. Ceiling lighting and lighting by the mirror in each bathroom. Corridor, decorative lighting.

Lighting of utility spaces.
LED lamps from Hella marine.

The interior design colors are optional, with each order our designer selects the colors, finishes and materials for the entire yacht. Our interiors consist of a dozen or so perfectly matching materials. We never change one material - in the case of e.g. a change in the color of the wood finish, the entire package of the remaining materials is always changed.
If the customer requires, we can adapt the interior to the furniture of recognized designers.
IF.1 Huge Galley - located on the main deck, with full size fridge with refirgerator , coffe machine,
refirigerator/freezer Bosch KIN86KF31
refirigerator/freezer Miele KFN 37282 iD
oven with microwave Bosch Serie 8 CMG636BS1
oven with microwave Miele H 7140 BM
Gas cooktop Bosch PCP6A5M90
gas cooktop Miele KM 2010 G
dishwasher 45 cm Bosch SPV66TX04E
dishwasher 45 cm Miele G 4680 SCVi
trash compactor GE 15in
electric kettle, toaster: Bosch
coffe machine: Jura A1
sink with battery: villeroy&bosh/duravit, grohe
counter top: granit
flooring: ceramic tile or stone tile
cabinet paneling: wood veneer
interior cupboard and drawer finish:
the same veneer inside and outside as the cabinet front. painted semi-gloss 30-gloss
IF.2 Main Salon and Skylodge
Floors: carpet
Walls: fabric/ wood panneling
lift for TV/kraftmann table lift
coffe table
Wine cellar Vitrifrigo DCW46
IF.3 Day head
Floors: granit/sintered quartz
counter top: granit/sintered quartz
towel and paper holder
toilet: Tecma silence/ PLANUS KONOS
sink and battery: villeroy&cosh/duravit, grohe
IF.4 Luxuary Cabin - Master Cabin, VIP Cabin, Guest Cabin
walls: fabric pannels/ wood veneer/ sintered quartz
mattres with basment: king size
IF.5 Luxuary Head - Master Head, VIP Head, Guest Head
floors: granit/sintered quartz
counter tap: granit/sintered qaurtz
walls: sintered quartz
sinks and batterys: villeroy&bosh/duravit, grohe
shower faucets: Grohe
shower glass
toilet: Tecma silence/ PLANUS KONOS
towels and papier holders
mirror cabinet
cabinet/ panneling
IF.6 Corridor
walls: fabric pannels/ wood veneer/ sintered quartz
IF.7 Crew Cabin / 2nd Guest cabin
walls: fabric pannels/ wood veneer/ sintered quartz
mattres with basment: king size
head floors: granit/sintered quartz
counter tap: granit/sintered qaurtz
walls: gelcoat mettalic
sinks and faucets villeroy&bosh/duravit, grohe
shower faucets: Grohe
shower glass
toilet: Tecma silence/ PLANUS KONOS
towels and papier holders
mirror cabinet
cabinet/ panneling
IF.8 Wet bar
Fiber glass cabinet high glossy finished with hidraulically opend lid.
drawer fridge with refirgerator and ice maker Model Isotherm: IM-3160BB6C00000
drawer fridge with refirgerator and ice maker Freezer VITRIFRIGO DW180
dishwasher Asko / kalamazoo
no lid grill Technimpex BBQ74
sink with battery
trash bin
drawers for dishes
Table on aftdeck
IF.9 Lockers on the stern. shelves and cabinets finishing in solid ASH wood, veneered walls made of waterproof plywood, semi-gloss 60
One(1) Special Wine refrigerators, independent air conditioner and fan ventilation
IF.10 Luandry cabinet with washer and dryer Miele brand Standard
IF.11 The space in front of the galley.
Provides a convenient place to store suitcases and additional items needed during the cruise. There is also a wardrobe with sliding doors with dimensions W 100 x H 60 x D 40 [cm].
The interior of the locker is lined with carpeting, such a solution will prevent damage to the wall surface.
Shelves and cabinets finished in solid ASH wood, semi-matte 60.
IF.12 Garage on bow/locker: Iroko or Teak solid wood floor finish, 4x oiled, full finish inside laminate surface Standard
IF.13 Bedclothes - quilt, pillows, bedcover, decorative pillows -set for 1 cabin
towels 100% cotton - set for 1 head
IF.14 Villeroy&Boch Montouk porcelain set for 6 with additional serving utensils
Villeroy&Boch Montouk water glasses 6 pic.
Villeroy&Boch champagne glasses 6pic.
Villeroy&Boch wine glasses 6 pic.
Villeroy&BochMoutouk cutlery set 6 pic.
Villeroy%Boch Montouk salat bow
IF.15 Pots set Standard