Customization & ONE-OFF Models

We present four models of yachts and for each of them different versions of layouts to meet the expectations of the widest possible group of customers.

They are dedicated to people of different ages, lifestyles, and various forms of spending free time. If you feel that you want to make changes to our offer in shape or finishing, we will do our best to make it possible. What’s more, if you have an image of your dream yacht in mind, we will help you make it the reality. We have a professional, experienced team and a well-equipped site for the construction of vessels up to 28 m. We can do it from the design process, through implementation (every step in our hand), to launching the yacht.  We are not large shipyard, but strong and competent enough to build unique yachts with great care. 


We have perfectly developed a method of building one-off forms. We can make a new mold very quickly for the scope of change that the customer wants to introduce. We have mastered the methods of building target forms very well.
Our technological background is experienced and copes with it perfectly.
For the construction of molds, we use a combination of a proven classic method supported by modern CNC technology.
Each mold design is created in a computer based on a model made by our designer.
The finished model of the mold or one-off mold hoof is sent to our technologist and is made on CNC machines, which guarantees perfect reproduction. Most of the molds are made of MDF and covered with plywood or ready-made laminated boards.

We perform all these processes in our shipyard, we do not use the support of third parties.

Interior trim ranges.
We have our own very well-equipped carpentry shop, carpenters that have been working in solid wood for decades. We will make all types of wooden constructions. We import exotic wood through German importing companies. It gives us credibility in the ordered products.

Leather, fabrics and decorative materials.
Unless the client decides otherwise, we use two groups of materials. First, very high-quality materials from Great Britain and Germany. The second limited edition material, usually released in short series from Italian Knitwear, in which the greatest names are designed.
The sewing and upholstery process takes place directly at our shipyard in our upholstery shop.

Drive systems.
Although we strive to use proven shaft drive systems with angular output from the transmission. Our hulls provide the possibility of mounting POD drives such as Zeus or IPS.

We do not limit ourselves to the use of components of any of the presented companies. I have good relationships with more vendors.
We have our own team of engineers for drives, systems and automation, making changes is not difficult.

It doesn’t have to be very expensive.
As our business model is in-house production, we can successfully make changes at an increasing price.



COR66 R.A.V.

COR780 in a different style